BUILD A BRIDGE was recorded in five days in July of 2013 at DOGWOOD STUDIOS and SOUND EMPORIUM STUDIOS in Nashville, TN.  TIM LAUER and I set a few parameters for this project.  One, I would bring the completed lyrics to the studio and then we would compose all the music together.  Two, no live drums. Three, a live string quartet. Monday we began with Tim playing one-finger notes on synth, building drum loops, and me on acoustic guitar, singing melodies and harmonies. We worked day and night through Tuesday. TONY LUCIDO came in Wednesday morning and laid down the bass parts and by Wednesday evening we were in the legendary Sound Emporium Studio A with percussion legends SAM BACCO and KENNY MALONE working all sorts of rhythmic magic. Thursday, DAVID CLEVELAND laid down guitar parts and some Chinese lute.  Thursday afternoon we had our string quartet of DAVID ANGELL, WEI TSUN CHANG, KRIS WILKINSON, and JOHN CATCHINGS playing parts Tim and I (although it was mostly Tim with me chiming in some melodies over his shoulder now and then) had written and arranged somewhere between Monday and Wednesday. JASON ESKRIDGE came in Thursday night to sing harmonies as only he can.  It’s hard to believe but we pulled the whole thing off in five days.