ENDINGS AND BEGINNINGS was recorded the last week of July in 2012 at BROWN OWL STUDIOS in Nashville, TN. The title track focuses the mysteries of the beginnings of our universe, religions’ ideas about what happens when we die, and how I believe those should inform the lives we live but not steal from the importance of living and focusing on what we do with the present. BURN MY BODY is another song inspired by the loss of my brother, Terrence. The idea for DOUBT came out of a relationship in crisis. Understanding doubt, seeing it for what it really is-fear, before it gets the best of us is a compelling idea to me. MOUNTAINS AND ME is metaphor for the challenges we all face in life, some real, some imagined, and how we can develop resilience as we become better climbers. THE PROMISE is my take on marriage and the realities of lasting love. The beauty of marriage in my mind is the understanding that the true joy comes from the intention and effort it takes to be truly committed to your partner. Sonically the recording centers around the tight rhythm section of IAN FITCHUK and PAUL MABURY on drums and TONY LUCIDO on bass, along with TIM LAUER on a Yamaha CP-70 piano with some vintage analog Jupiter 8 synthesizer.  MIKE PAYNE delivered some many tasty figures on Electric Guitar.  A special highlight was the legendary DAN DUGMORE (Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor, and many more) on his Gibson Les Paul on Burn My Body and The Promise. TIM LAUER, KORBY LENKER, and CHRIS DONOHOE added background harmonies.

Recorded and Engineered by KONRAD SNYDER

 Produced and Mixed by TIM LAUER