HERMOSILLA was recorded in April, 2010 in Madrid.  My family and I were living in the remarkable Spanish city for the year and I was introduced to an amazing musician, PEDRO OJESTO.  Pedro leads a Jazz/Flamenco fusion quartet consisting of DAVID CERREDUELA on Nylon String Guitar, JOSE MIGUEL GARZON on Bass, and FERNANDO FAVIER on Drums and Cajón. These are some of Madrid’s finest musicians and it was such a treat to record with them. None of these players spoke English (I don’t think David has ever played a Steel String Guitar) and I was seven months into my Spanish language acquisition so no English was spoken during the entire recording of HERMOSILLA. This was great for my Spanish, but we communicated in the universal language of music anyway. It was a beautiful experience!  As my year in Spain wound down, Pedro and I performed these songs together at a going away house party.