MARCH was recorded in May 2011 at COUNTY Q PRODUCTIONS in Nashville, TN. This album is comprise of songs inspired by the illness and death of my youngest brother, TERRENCE DONOHOE. The title track, MARCH, is a direct homage to my brother’s courageous six-year battle with Multiple Sclerosis and the way he faced his death with grace and dignity. The experience of witnessing my brother die and the lessons I learned from him while he was sick changed me profoundly. ALL TOO HUMAN comes out of trying to surrender to and accept the world in which we live and to shed my own judgement of others. SHELTER BE DAMNED is about understanding the “beauty of life’s imperfections”.  THE BULLET is a song I wrote about a close call my son had with serious injury. GRATITUDE came out of a moment of anger I had when thinking about how unfair it was for my brother to have been dealt such a significant blow and yet he remained grateful and positive. I decided I would be led by gratefulness for the rest of my days. The closing instrumental BEAUTIFUL BROTHER comes out of the musical figure of the title track.  I spent a great deal of time at the piano writing this album; thinking about Terrence, trying to make sense of the “why” in all of it. The energy and crescendo of BEAUTIFUL BROTHER “feels” like Terrence, it’s a fitting ending to this album dedicated to him. Session legends STEVEN SHEEHAN, LONNIE WILSON, and GARY BURNETTE were amazing studio collaborators during this very personal project.This project also holds a special place in my heart because it’s the first project on which I worked with Producer and Keyboard player TIM LAUER and Bass player, TONY LUCIDO. Tony and Tim are incredibly creative players and two of Nashville’s finest and most respected session musicians. They have since become consistent collaborators and great friends, who are supportive and adventurous in the recording studio.  I define myself as an artist trying constantly get out of my comfort zone, they are willing to go with me, and I feel so fortunate to record with them as I’ve done many times now. Lucky and ever grateful me!

Recorded and Engineered by ROB MATSON

 Mixed by TIM LAUER