WHAT DRIVES YOU was recorded in September 2008 at COUNTY Q PRODUCTIONS in Nashville, TN. This album came about when I decided that I needed to sing my songs. Before this recording, I had been writing and pitching songs on Music Row for others to sing. But the artist in me was compelled to perform and express what I was writing. I chose a bunch of songs I merely liked. There was no real common thread to the songs just that I loved them and wanted to hear them recorded. BOXES AND BLANKETS is a song that sprung from an idea that appeared as I drove by a U-Haul Rentals center on the way to a writing appointment with KENT AGEE and we wrote it that afternoon. CHRIS CAMINITI and I wrote ACROSS HIS BACK out of conversations around him being a stepfather, and we are proud of how we were able to make the hook turn and payoff at the end. SALVATION is one of my favorites, written with fellow San Francisco Bay Area Singer-Songwriter and Author, NYREE BELLEVILLE.  It’s a love song that delivers a pure, simple, and straightforward message. LONG SWEET KISS is a bittersweet end-of-love song made all the more poignant by LISA BROKOP’S beautiful harmonies. DADDY’S DEMON is a song I wrote about my father’s alcoholism and how his struggle made a meaningful impact on how I live my life and my attitudes towards alcohol as a father myself. THE ANSWERS is another song about my dad’s alcoholism. As I gained perspective on his struggle, I found a great deal of compassion for him and how his disease did not get in the way of how much I knew he loved me. I brought an early lyric into a writing session with KENT AGEE, an incredibly empathetic soul, and he greatly helped make sense of what I wanted to communicate. I love the band energy of WHAT DRIVES YOU especially MIKE BRIGNARDELLO’S Bassline and GARY BURNETTE’S Electric Guitar and PAUL SCHOLTEN’S Drums. STEVEN SHEEHAN added phenomenal Acoustic Guitar top to bottom. I laid down all of the background vocals.

Recorded, Engineered and Mixed by ROB MATSON

 Produced by CHRIS DONOHOE